Advice and support

There are a number of personnel available to all of our UOW Researchers to consult with in relation to Research Integrity and Ethics:

Research Integrity Advisors (or RIAs)

RIAs are appointed in each Faculty to provide staff and students with guidance and advice on responsible research practices:

  • as outlined in the Code
  • as per the UOW research policies and procedures
  • as required by other guidelines and legislation relevant to their disciplines.

RIAs are available to:

  • explain applicable policies and procedures
  • seek confidential advice on research integrity, concerns about the conduct of research or options if a researcher is considering complaint or raising a concern of a breach of the Code

RIA’s are there for you to receive advice. They are not involved in any investigations, in the resolution of a complaint or allegation, in matters where they have a conflict of interest or in any subsequent inquiries.

Any RIA can be consulted by any researcher. 

Research Integrity Office (RIO)

The The UOW Research Integrity Office is designed to promote a consistent and robust approach to investigating and managing potential breaches of the Code.

The RIO is committed to promoting the principles and responsibilities of the Code and subsequent policies, guidelines and regulations.

MichelinaFor all Research Integrity enquiries, questions regarding compliance and permits contact:

Michelina Bajjada
Research Integrity Officer
T: (02) 4221 4969


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Last reviewed: 18 July, 2017