Strategic Planning & Quality

Strategic Renewal

In 2013, UOW moved into a new phase driven by a revitalised Strategic Plan.

"The 2013-18 Strategic Plan is designed to recharge our sense of purpose in a time of institutional and global transition, when the challenges for higher education institutions have never been greater."  Ms Jillian Broadbent, AO, Chancellor and Professor Paul Wellings, CBE, Vice-Chancellor 

ABOUT PLANNINGthe UOW Planning Framework 

2013-2018 UOW Strategic Plan 

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Our environment

2012 marked the beginning of a new regulatory era in Australian higher education with the introduction of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) as national regulator. 

UOW is well placed, having achieved higher education provider status until 2018 and has recently undergone its first TEQSA Quality Assessment. 

About QUALITYthe UOW Quality Framework 


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