Free WIFI Trial


IMTS is currently trialling an open wireless service called Freedom@UOW. The trial provides easier access to the internet for mobile devices and is available across the UOW main campus, iC and Regional Campuses.

The service has proved very popular and is providing valuable information on how we need to structure the service to provide everyone with fair access.

  • Connect to the WIFI network called Freedom@UOW

Like at home, Freedom@UOW does not have unlimited bandwidth and we ask all users to be considerate of this while we work on a fair "share use" policy. Connect to Freedom when you need it and be aware that when you are online on campus, you can help by turning off automatic updates to make the experience for everyone a bit better. By limiting the amount of downloading done through Freedom@UOW such as listening to Spotify or uploading lots of photos to Facebook, the service will be better for everyone.

Remember - when Freedom is congested, swap over to the UOW WIFI network, especially if you need it for study purposes.


Red Alert icon

Access is provided on the basis of users adhering to UOW IT Acceptable Use Policy. Usage will be monitored in accordance with our policies and practices. Abuse or inappropriate use of the service may result in your access being restricted.

There is no official limit/ quota on this service, however UOW will monitor the usage of the service and where usage may be excessive, accounts could be restricted.


While we work on the service, we want to hear from you about your WIFI experience, whether it's good or bad! We'd also love to hear about any tips you have for better WIFI usage on campus.

Your Feedback

“This is how wireless should be in 2013. No restrictions, no 1997 style proxies or quotas that leave you unable to do research in an age where everything is online and bandwidth-intensive. Love it! Freedom@UOW is such an apt name.”
- Professional Staff, ITS.
“Great idea about the Freedom@UOW wifi! It's a shame it's not extended to the entire campus. I would love to be able to use that on my mobile in buildings 41 and 42, as everytime I move, I have to re-do the border authentication (which is a bit annoying). I hope the trail will be successful and it will be rolled out across campus very soon.”
- Academic Staff, SMAH.
“I love it! the new freedom @ Uow has made everyone in my classes super happy. Heaps easier and there is less things to think about when trying to access information from the internet at university!!! Please keep it going!”
- Student, EIS
“This action is such wonderful and useful. Keep it on! ”
- Student, Business
“I think its great. We have been needing this for long time. One improvement I can think of is expanding the coverage. Thanks!”
- Student, SMAH
“This is great! I couldn't access the wifi on any of my devices (all apple) prior to this. I actually take my computer to uni now. It's so much better!”
- Student, LHA
“Great Step forward.”
- Academic Staff, Shoalhaven Campus
“Oh, how wonderful! Thank you! Oh, but wait.....I am at Bega campus...only 4 hours drive away from Wollongong and living in 2013 with theoretically the same technology services, but we may as well be in the Galapagos Islands with the quality of internet provision available ......(I am referring to Telstra/Optus). But I am grateful for the uni computer lab. But, why send us a SOLS message with information on joining up if we are not included, I wonder. Thanks for your efforts and good luck with it!”
- Student, Bega
“The connection is unstable from Building 3. In fact, I couldn't even barely connect. Good initiative though.”
- Academic Staff, EIS
“Dream. Come. True.”
- Student, EIS
“Great idea! But what about that orphan campus in Sydney?”
- Student, Business
“Couldn't be happier. Makes it so much easier to keep up with lectures if my laptops battery dies.”
- Student, Social Sciences
“In my opinion I think it is a great idea as long as people behave maturely and don't use it for the wrong thing. Apart from that I think it will really help a lots of us because some of our subjects need more than the usual quoter of internet and we need more access to the internet , not only academic web pages.”
- Student, LHA
“I logged in without any problems, and it's working pretty well. ”
- Professional Staff, Library
“If this means I can finally use the internet-requiring apps on my android phone, this is what I've been waiting for for a long time.”
- Student, EIS
“This is easily the best use of university funding I have heard in a long time. Great move.”
- Student, LHA
“It was really convenient to be able to use the wifi connection on a phone without being bombarded by 6 consecutive proxy login requests.”
- Professional Staff, DVCE
“When is the "freedom" wifi going to be available again? ”
- Student, Business
“Awesome, has solved the problem of not being able to use the internet apps on microsoft phones which is annoying about the normal UOW network.”
- Student, LHA
“The internet provided through Freedom@UOW is of an expectionally good quality. If this was to be made permanent even in 1 building (i.e. Unicenter) where unlimited and unfettered access was available for student-life campus engagement activities, University of Wollongong student societies such as the Video Game Association would be able to provide a wider range of activities for its members, promoting and capitalising on the video game culture.”
- Student, LHA
“Soooo much better. I am using windows 8 and could never get built in apps like mail to work through the proxy. Also for some reason I can never connect with my laptop. It always takes a huge amount of effort playing with the proxy settings to get connected. The freedom connection was no worries at all. Please, please keep this new system. Thank you. ”
- Student, EIS
“Just writing in to give some positive feedback on the FREEDOM@UOW initiative! It's great for wifi to be more easily accessible and, of course, better with no limit on data usage. The only thing really in need of improving is its range. There are a few blackspots on campus, as there are with normal wifi. Would it also be possible to extend coverage to the bus bay? It seems that it is often then when waiting for a bus that I most urgently need to check online for updates to public transport, etc.”
- Student, Business
Last reviewed: 11 May, 2015