Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University

The table below summarises the maximum credit exemption granted for the following Hong Kong Baptist University courses. Maximum credit exemption depends on achieving a GPA of 3.0 (or equivalent grade) in your course.

^Entry to the Bachelor of Psychology is competitive and requires a higher GPA, normally 3.7. The actual credit exemption to be awarded will be advised upon assessment of each application for admission. Commencement in Spring Session may be possible depending on credit exemption awarded.

law, humanities and the Arts

Institution CourseUOW CourseYears to CompleteDetails
Associate of Science (Psychology) Bachelor of Arts2HKBU-6
Associate of Arts (Film, Television and Digital Media Studies) Bachelor of Arts2HKBU-7
Associate of Arts (Bilingual Language and Literature Studies) Bachelor of Arts2HKBU-8
Associate of Arts (Marketing) Bachelor of Arts 2HKBU-9
Associate Degree (Music) Bachelor of Creative Arts2 HKBU-13
Associate Degree (Visual Arts) Bachelor of Creative Arts2HKBU-14


Last reviewed: 5 February, 2016