Illuminating Young Minds: Student Scholarships

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Student Scholarships 

We offer scholarships from one to five-years of study. If you, or your organisation, wish to establish a scholarship there are several models you may wish to consider:

Model 1—Work Integrated Learning Scholarships (WILS)

Work Integrated Learning Scholarship (WILS) provide financial assistance and real world experience for students. Our students participate in an experiential work placement with the sponsoring organisation for up to 12 weeks per year.

This work experience can be organised in two ways:

·  as an ongoing placement over summer or winter break

·  as a placement for one to three days a week during academic session

Model 2—Corporate Scholarships

Corporate Scholarships are named industry specific scholarships. They are awarded by an organisation to encourage students to study, or continue to study, in a particular field or industry. Work experience is not a component of this scholarship.

Organisations provide financial support and encouragement to students undertaking a degree relevant to their industry. For example, a global securities firm specialising in equities trading and arbitrage supports several of our mathematics students. Offering a corporate scholarship demonstrates an organisations commitment to education and enhances your profile as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Model 3—Community Scholarships

Community Scholarships provide financial assistance to students who have demonstrated a commitment to community involvement and meet an agreed set of criteria. For example, a local rugby league club has established an endowment fund to support up and coming players in their first year of university. Community scholarships are purely philanthropic and are highly regarded by UOW and the local populace. Work experience is not a component of this scholarship.

Model 4—Equity Scholarships

For those students who make it to UOW, financial and other barriers often inhibit their ability to finish a degree or participate fully in tertiary study. Equity Scholarships are awarded to students who are Indigenous, from a family with a low income, speak English as a second language, have a disability, cares for someone with a disability, or are from a rural or isolated area.

Awarding of the Scholarship

All scholarships are awarded based on application and/or interview. The University, in collaboration with the sponsor, interviews and selects students based on the agreed criteria. Sponsors are invited to participate in the interview process.


For more information about scholarship opportunities at the University of Wollongong please contact:

Renee Burton
Senior Development Coordinator (Scholarships)
Office of Community and Partnerships
Lower Level, Building 36
University of Wollongong  NSW  2522
Ph: +61 2 4221 8113

Our statistics show that most UOW students who receive a donor funded scholarship graduate with a credit average or above and immediately find employment in their field. Establishing a UOW scholarship is a long-term investment that impacts the student’s life for many years to come. Giving to student scholarships is the seed to positive, productive futures.

Community Donor & Scholarship Student