Your support means Nathan can support many others

Nathan Johnston

Nathan Johnston and Justice Virginia Bell.

The moment he received the Jack Goldring Memorial Scholarship was the moment Nathan Johnston knew he could help make a difference to the lives of the people for whom he has become an advocate.
Johnston’s dreams, aspirations and his contributions to social justice epitomise what the Jack Goldring Memorial Scholarship is all about – fairness, equity and making a difference.
And it’s thanks to supporters of the scholarship endowment fund – UOW staff, alumni, family and friends of Jack Goldring – that Johnston will be able to continue to be an advocate of social justice and protector of the vulnerable.
Johnston is the second recipient of the Jack Goldring Memorial Scholarship awarded to a final year law student who has shown leadership in areas of social justice and upholds the vision of UOW’s founding Dean in the Faculty of Law, Emeritus Professor Jack Goldring.
The $10,000 scholarship will allow Johnston to continue his advocacy work with groups such as the Strategic Community Assistance for Refugee Families, and Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience.
“I often find that I am most focussed on, and the strongest advocate for, social justice issues that I have worked in probably because I have had an opportunity to speak to those affected by the issue and gain a greater understanding of the nuances of the matter. The education of Australia’s First People, and the welfare of refugees particularly as they transition into new lives in Australia, are just two of the issues I have worked with that I am passionate about.
“There are some incredibly gifted and committed people working within our local organisations on both of these issues (AIME, and SCARF in particular) and I owe an incredible amount of my passion to them. They have taken the time to talk to me and round out my understanding of the issues, motivating me to continue to work in these fields.”
Johnston is hoping to forge a career in the High Court of Australia or the NSW Supreme Court as a judicial officer.
“Such a position would give me an incredible vantage point at which to study advocacy and the law in action and learn from the leading legal minds in the country,” he said.
“By working within the law I want to be able to pursue fairness for the vulnerable in society. Ultimately, I hope to become a judicial officer of the Australian High Court.”
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