Early start to good mental health

Playing team sport aids health in children

A study from the University of Wollongong's Early Start Research Institute has found that children who drop out of sport at an early age are more likely to suffer from mental health problems later in life.

Researcher Dr Stewart Vella has found that children who leave organised sport between the ages of 8-10 years are 20 per cent more likely to suffer from mental health issues before the reach high school. UOW's Early Start Research Institute, which will house the one-of-a-kind Discovery Space, is due to open early next year and is set to become the world's leading research and learning institute in early childhood education. 

The Discovery Space, an interactive learning and play space, will be the centrepiece of the institute and will be open to the public. It is based on similar principles to Canberra's Questacon science learning centre, but rather than the exhibits controlling the interaction with children, the Discovery Space will let children dictate the learning and fun. 

Already the Discovery Space is being fitted out with learning installations such as a pirate ship, learning cave, interactive technology room and archeological dig site. If you'd like to support the enhancement of the Discovery Space and invest in the future generation of leaders and learners please go to our Give Now page.    


Lezanne - Mini

 Neuroscientists from UOW are reprogramming skin cells in order to discover new treatments and ultimately a cure for a range of devastating brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia and Motor Neurone Disease. 

Dr Lezanne Ooi, from the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute based at UOW, is at the forefront of an exciting new branch of neuroscience that converts donated human cells back to their original pluripotent stem cell state so that they can be used in disease modelling and drug discovery.

Read more about Dr Ooi's research or if you would like to support her research at UOW, and know that 100 per cent of your gift goes into that program, go to our Give Now page and use the drop down menu to select Motor Neurone Disease.