Getting Work Experience

Often the missing link between an employers ‘wish list’ and a student, is a track record in a variety of workplace experiences.

Work related experiences don’t just increase your employability, they can also clarify your career intentions. For some, it can even be a ‘try before you buy’ for both student and employer.

At Careers Central we offer you a variety of experiences within and outside of the curriculum that are open to undergraduate, postgraduate, domestic and international students.  

To find out more about which opportunity suits you best, explore the links below.

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The Fair Work Ombudsman provides a range of advice and help to understand workplace rights and responsibilities. It is recommended that university students seeking unpaid work experience  include it as a formal part of their studies. Exemptions include volunteering with your chosen not for profit or volunteer organisation.

We understand the challenges in getting work experience and the benefits of clarifying  your career plans  to increase  employability. Please visit us at Careers Central to explore the various ways we can support you.