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CRLP200/201 | Frequently Asked Questions

If your question has not been answered below, you may contact the Careers Central office. Alternatively you can email

What is the difference between CRLP200 and CRLP201?

CRLP200 is a 6 credit point subject and CRLP201 is an 8 credit point subject. All lectures, tutorials and content are the same for both subjects. There is an extra assessment component for CRLP201, weighted at 10% which includes some additional support resources.

Faculties that provide 8 credit point subjects:

  • Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Law, Humanities & the Arts
  • Science, Medicine & Health
  • Social Sciences

Can I enrol into CRLP200/201 via SOLS?

Students cannot enrol into this subject via SOLS. Students need to register their interest by completing the online registration form.

What happens after submitting the online form?

Once your expression of interest has been reviewed, you will receive a notification email stating the outcome of your application. If successful, you need to reply via email clearly stating the subject (CRLP200 or CRLP201) and the session (autumn or spring) you would like to undertake the subject.

When do applications close?

The application closing date is for Autumn session is Wednesday 28 February 2018.

Can I enrol into tutorials via SOLS?

Yes, tutorial enrolments will be conducted as normal via SOLS.

Where can I see lecture and tutorial times?

Timetable information is available in the subject timetable database in the ‘Administration’ category.

Can I commence an internship without completing the paperwork and completing the appropriate forms on CareerHub?

No as students will not be covered under UOW’s insurance policy. Students are not to commence an Internship or Team Project until all paperwork is submitted and approved (in writing) via CareerHub

Where can I find more information regarding how to complete a job application? e.g. resume help, how to write a cover letter and how to address selection criteria

Please refer to ‘Applying For Jobs’ section on the Careers Central website.

Can I be paid during my internship?

Some organisations do advertise paid internships, while others have unpaid internships. Although most opportunities are generally unpaid.

The main difference between the two is that an unpaid internship must have UOW insurance cover, while the paid internship is treated as an employer/employee relationship. For the purposes of pay and conditions the student in a paid internship is covered under Australian workplace laws, so they do not need to fill in the UOW placement form for insurance.

If a student is successful in obtaining a paid internship, the rates of pay would be negotiated between the student and the organisation and must meet the Australian standards for wages. Organisations or students who are unsure of what rate to pay is reasonable are referred to the Fair Work Ombudsman site.

Can I use my current paid job as an internship?

Not generally. However, it may be acceptable if you negotiate a different role or are assigned a different project with your employer. We see this as a new experience - as you would be benefiting by gaining different employability skills and experiences and developing new relationships within the organisation.

In the above instance, you must seek written approval from the CRLP200/201 Subject Coordinators,

One of the great benefits of enrolling in CRLP200/201 is the opportunity to gain professional experience either through an internship or team project that can add to your existing portfolio or CV. For this reason, we encourage students to seek an internship or team project with an unfamiliar organisation.

If I find my own internship host will I receive a letter from the University that provides details about the program and insurance cover?

Yes, a Letter of Introduction is available. 

Last reviewed: 3 October, 2017