Graduate Qualities and Employability Skills Teams [GQEST]

GQEST: Graduate Qualities & Employability Skills Team challenge 

Research career opportunities for your course of study, network with employers, work in student teams, add to your resume & win prizes…

Take the GQEST challenge and find the answers to these frequently asked questions:

  • What do employers really want?
  • What are some of the employment options related to my degree?
  • How can I promote my skills and experiences to increase my employability?

Find out the answers to these questions and add to your resume by taking part in GQEST


What is GQEST?

Students are placed in a faculty team to:

  • Research a range of employment options for their faculty, degree or specialisation using online resources, print-based material and employer interviews
  • Research the Graduate Qualities of UOW graduates and the Employability Skills Framework
  • Interview employers for the employer perspective
  • Synthesise these findings to report on a range of employment options, the skills and qualities developed through their studies and the skills and qualities valued by employers.
  • Produce a 10 page report, poster and 15 minute presentation

When is GQEST?

The program will now run in Winter Session 2012. 

Who should do GQEST?

  • Students completing their first year of study are warmly encouraged to participate – gather worthwhile information at a crucial time in your degree
  • UOW College students about to commence their Undergraduate Degree – get a head start with your career
  • International students are welcome – better understand employment in Australia
  • All students who want to explore their employment options and demonstrate their skills through extra-curricular activities

How DO I register for GQEST?

Registrations will open during semester 1  2012.

Future Opportunities

GQEST is a great preparation for other Careers Central Workplace learning such as Univative Illawarra or Lucy Mentoring and may also help you identify potential Work Experience opportunities.

Last reviewed: 24 April, 2013