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Job Record No: 9F5A10976
Company Name: Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)
Nature of Job: Graduate Recruitment Program
Disciplines: Any
Academic Status: Final Year
Job Title: Intelligence Officer
Job Specification: The role of an Intelligence Officer is truly unique. It offers highly- talented people the opportunity to help protect and promote Australia's national interests and, in some cases, help save Australian lives. Intelligence Officers plan, develop and manage intelligence operations overseas in often difficult environments that draw on their judgment, intellect and inner strengths. Intelligence Officers display personal courage, are highly motivated and have an innate sense of curiosity. They enjoy connecting with people from different cultures and overcoming obstacles to deliver results.
Essential Skills: Candidates also require one, or a combination of, the following to be eligible to apply for the Intelligence Officer role: Australian citizenship; a current drivers licence; a minimum three-year university degree; currently undertaking tertiary studies and due to complete these studies within the next 12 months; significant relevant work experience with/without tertiary or equivalent studies; and/or overseas, in-country experience.
Desirable Skills: To succeed as an Intelligence Officer, you will need to demonstrate: superior interpersonal and liaison skills in order to build strong relationships with people; personal presence and impact, with a proven ability to interact effectively with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds; excellent written communication skills; high levels of maturity and self-management skills, with excellent judgement and the ability to assess risks; resilience and self-motivation, with a determination to achieve results in difficult and high-pressure environments; and the highest levels of personal integrity and professionalism, which ASIS will continue to support through comprehensive training and development programs.
Additional Info: The role of an Intelligence Officer is challenging and exciting - it's a job not just anyone can do. Following a lengthy recruitment process, as a successful applicant you will undertake extensive and demanding training. After passing the training course, you will have the opportunity to work overseas as an Intelligence Officer.
Add. Requirement: - Australian Citizen -
Work Arrangements: - Full-time -
Closing Date: Check website
Date of Commencement: Not specified
How to apply: For more information or to apply visit
Advertised on: 7 September 2011

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