Autumn Careers Fair

Autumn Careers Fair 2013

Participating Organisations/Employers

Date: Tuesday, 19th March 2013
Venue: URAC Sports Hub (Bld 9)
Time: 10.00am to 2.00pm
Last updated:  18-Mar-13

Please note: Employers who recruit All students (i.e. International & Domestic) are recognised by an asterix (*), whilst employers who only recruit Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents are recognised by 2 asterix’s (**). These employers will have a red balloon at their stall on the day of the Fair.

  1. ABB Australia**
    Disciplines targeted: Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, InfoMechatronics)
  2. Absolute Internship*
    Disciplines targeted: All Disciplines
  3. ACCA*
    Disciplines targeted: Accounting and finance in the main but accept graduates from all degree
  4. ACT Public Service**
    Disciplines targeted: All Degrees and Disciplines
  5. ALDI**
    Disciplines targeted: All Disciplines
  6. Anglo American Metallurgical Coal**
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Engineering (Mining, Environmental), Bachelor of Science (Geology, Environmental), Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management, Accounting)
  7. Antipodeans Aborad
    Disciplines targeted: All students
  8. APESMA*
    Disciplines targeted: Engineering, Science, IT Professionals, Architects, Pharmacists,
  9. Arrium**
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Engineering - Chemical, Mining, Electrical, Mechanical
  10. Australian Federal Police
    Disciplines targeted: Law, Information and Communications Technology, Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Human Resources, International Relations, Communications and Media, Marketing
  11. Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
    Disciplines targeted: Law, Finance, Accounting, Business Management, Business Design, information Technology, Marketing and Communications, People Management
  12. BHP Billiton**
    Disciplines targeted: All Disciplines
  13. BP Australia**
    Disciplines targeted: All Commerce/Business, Engineering and Science degrees
  14. Brown Consulting**
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
  15. Cisco Systems Australia**
    Disciplines targeted: Engineering, Finance, HR, IT, Law, Marketing
  16. College of Law*
    Disciplines targeted: Law and combined law degrees
  17. Commonwealth Bank of Australia**
    Disciplines targeted: Indigenous Studies, International Studies, Law, Media, Music, Communication & Cultural Studies Modern History, Politics and International Relations, Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, Applied Finance, Accounting and Corporate Governance, Actuarial Studies, Economics, Marketing and Management Psychology, Computing, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics
  18. Consulate-General of Japan*
    Disciplines targeted: Any Discipline
  19. CPA Australia*
    Disciplines targeted: Accounting, Business and Finance
  20. Deloitte**
    Disciplines targeted: Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Business / Commerce, Economics, Engineering, Finance, HR, Psychology, IT, Law, Maths, Science
  21. Department of Defence
    Disciplines targeted: All disciplines
  22. Department of Finance and Deregulation
    Disciplines targeted: All Information and Communication Technology Degrees
  23. Department of Infrastructure and Transport
    Disciplines targeted: All Disciplines
  24. Ernst & Young Australia*
    Disciplines targeted: All degrees
  25. Faculty of Science
    Disciplines targeted: Science
  26. Faculty of Arts
    Disciplines targeted: Arts
  27. Faculty of Commerce
    Disciplines targeted: Commerce
  28. Faculty of Education
    Disciplines targeted: Education
  29. Faculty of Engineering and Information Science
    Disciplines targeted: Engineering and Information Science
  30. Faculty of Law
    Disciplines targeted: Law
  31. GBST*
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor Of Information Technology,Bachelor of Business Information Systems, Master of Computer Applications
  32. GHD Pty Ltd**
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil, Environment, Project Management, Mechanical, Electrical), Bachelor of Science (Environment)
  33. GradConnection*
    Disciplines targeted: All Disciplines
  34. Graduate Opportunities*
    Disciplines targeted: All - Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  35. HATCH**
    Disciplines targeted: Engineering - Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics
  36. Institute of Chartered Accountants**
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Commerce (accounting)
  37. IP Australia*
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor in Engineering (Mechanical), Bachelor in Chemistry
  38. KPMG - Australia*
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Accounting
  39. Navitas Professional*
    Disciplines targeted: IT, Engineering, Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing
  40. Nexia Australia*
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of commerce (accounting), Bachelor of Business
  41. Orica*
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Engineering (Mining, Mechanical, Electrical, Process, General)
  42. Pentair Flow Control Pacific**
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental,Mechatronics)
  43. Professional Pathways Australia*
    Disciplines targeted: Accounting, IT, Marketing, HR, Business Admin, Finance, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Law, Advertising, Media, Journalism, Tourism
  44. Student Life
    Disciplines targeted: All Discipines
  45. Sydney Water**
    Disciplines targeted: Engineering - Civil, mechanical, chemical, environmental, electrical, Science and technology, Environmental management, Communications and marketing, Economics and business, Finance and accounting
  46. Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond**
    Disciplines targeted: Engineering disciplines including Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Building,Architecture,Property and Construction Management, Project Management, Quantity Surveying, and IT and IT-related fields.
  47. TransGrid**
    Disciplines targeted: Engineering ( Electrical, Environmental, Civil and Project Management)
  48. Unigrad*
    Disciplines targeted: All Disciplines
  49. Verizon**
    Disciplines targeted: Informatics, Science, Arts
  50. Xstrata*
    Disciplines targeted: Bachelor of Engineering (Mining)




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