Accommodation Guarantee

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Stop looking for a place to live and start thinking about life at UOW!

Having an Accommodation Guarantee lifts a huge burden from the shoulders of students (and parents) who are looking for somewhere to live for their first year of study at the University of Wollongong. UOW is proud to be one of the few Australian universities to offer an accommodation guarantee.

To be eligible for the guarantee you must apply online by 30 November 2016 (see additional conditions). However, we recommend you apply as early as possible as you'll be more likely to get your room preference. Applications open on 1 August 2016.

UOW Living has a range of living options - catered, self-catered, single rooms, twin share, units, and studios - and all are either on campus or a short distance from UOW. It's important to note that while you can nominate four room preferences, we cannot guarantee any specific preference. Some residences fill faster than others and it's important to think carefully about what type of residence would suit your needs. We suggest you nominate at least three different residences. This maximises your chances of getting a 'best fit'.

To apply for UOW Living in 2017, please follow these steps and keep in mind:

  • Applications must be made online
  • You will need to pay a non-refundable application fee when you apply. We can't process your application unless this is included.
  • Make sure you review the Accommodation Guarantee conditions.
  • Apply early! Although places are available for 2017, these will go quickly due to the high demand for University accommodation.

Tentative Timeline for 2017 Offers

From Early to Mid December 2016

From this time offers will be sent to successful Early Admission applicants, Study Abroad students, deferred applicants, international applicants, and returning residents. We won't be able to send all our offers out at once, so pay close attention to your email from this date. Remember - you'll have 72 hours from the time we send your offer to accept and pay your rental pre-payment.

Please be advised our offices close on 23 December and will reopen Tuesday 3 January.

Mid to Late January 2017

From this date offers will be sent to domestic applicants who are eligible for the Accommodation Guarantee. Provided you have met the conditions, we already have a place for you; this offer will let you know which of our residences you have been allocated to. Again, we can't send these all at once, so keep an eye on your email from this date.

From Late January 2017

This is when we will send offers to all other applicants, subject to availability.  

Accommodation Guarantee Conditions

To be eligible for the accommodation guarantee, you will need to:

  • Be undertaking your first year of study at UOW in 2016; and
  • Apply for accommodation as a single student; and
  • Complete the online accommodation application and pay the application fee by 30th November; and
  • Apply to study full-time in a UOW degree or UOW Study Abroad program for 2017 at the Wollongong campus or Wollongong Innovation Campus; and
  • Domestic students: Receive an academic offer from UOW in the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) December 2016 Round (Friday 9 December 2016) or the January 2017 Early or Main Round (Thursday 5 January 2017 and Wednesday 18 January 2017), or a Direct Offer from UOW on or before the January 2017 Main Round. Applicants who receive a later UOW offer will still be offered residence accommodation, subject to availability; and
  • International students: Receive a Confirmed Offer of Enrolment for your UOW course by 30th November 2016; and
  • Accept the accommodation offer for either a 42, 44, or 52 week contract (depending on your residence), unless you are undertaking a one-session study abroad program; and
  • Pay the $500 non-refundable Rental Pre-Payment Fee within the stipulated time frame (within 72 hours from the date of the accommodation offer).
Last reviewed: 27 September, 2016