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Draft policy documents may be published on the web for information and / or consultation purposes.

Staff and students are invited to provide comments on the following draft policies to the designated contact officer prior to their approval.

Title of Policy Document Date Listed Unit Responsible Contact Officer

Proposed Collaborative Delivery of a UOW Course Policy and Policy Snapshot

DRAFT Assessment of New Collaborative Delivery Procedure

DRAFT Collaborative Delivery Review Procedure

DRAFT Collaborative Delivery Subject Quality Assurance Procedure

28 September 2015Academic Quality & Standards Unit

Jim Davies

Ext. 8802

Proposed 'Joint and Dual Awards Policy' and Policy Snapshot 28 September 2015 Academic Quality & Standards Unit

Jan Sullivan

Ext. 3573

Protocol Guidelines 4 August 2015 Vice-Chancellor's Unit

Deborah Arnold

Ext. 3909
Proposed New 'Co-Curricular Recognition Policy' August 2015 Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Alexandra McPaul
Ext. 8149

Academic Integrity Policy - Draft

Academic Integrity - Policy Snapshot

24 July 2015 Academic Quality & Standards Unit

Emma Purdy
Ext. 5309

Course Policy, Course Design Procedures and Course Review Procedures - Snapshot
DRAFT Course Policy
DRAFT Course Design Procedures
DRAFT Course Review Procedures

  Academic Quality & Standards Unit Viji Venkat
Ext. 4790

Moderation of Assessment

22 May 2015 Academic Quality & Standards Unit Tori Funnell
Ext 5146
Social Media Policy March 2015 Strategic Marketing & Communications

Emily Osborne
Ext 5374

Marketing, Media and Communications Policy March 2015 Strategic Marketing & Communications

Emily Osborne
Ext 5374

Delegations of Authority Policy January 2015 Governance Unit

Amelia Robinson
Ext 4082

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