Global Connections

Global Connections

The University of Wollongong is truly an international institution, which values its links with leading educational institutions around the world. It has formal agreements with more than 150 overseas institutions in the areas of research collaboration, student and staff exchange, study abroad and off-shore program delivery.


The University has formed key alliances with a number of international corporations and organisations. These include:

  • An agreement with Chinese Scholarship Council and the Vietnam International Education Development office to offer shared-cost scholarships for students from both countries.
  • Cooperation between the Geological Survey Organisation of Indonesia and the GeoQuEST Research Strength.
  • Members of the Institute for Social Transformation Research participating in numerous international networks dedicated to understanding the causes and implications of social change and cultural transformation. Current collaborative projects engage with research centres in Japan, Sweden, Malaysia, the UK and elsewhere.
  • Research partnerships between CAPSTRANS and a range of research groups in the Asia Pacific.
  • The Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI) has developed global linkages with research institutions in the USA, Japan, Korea, China, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom working on multifunctional, stimuli-responsive materials for various applications.
  • The Smart Foods and Public Health Centre is collaborating with research groups in Finland, Sweden, USA, and Spain.

Study Abroad & Exchange

The University attracts international students from a broad range of countries, representing approximately 37 percent of the 2009 total student population. In addition, The University's Study Abroad Program is designed for students who wish to spend one or two semesters in a program of study at Wollongong and transfer the credit to their home institution. 

The University operates an International Exchange Program to allow Wollongong students to enrich their educational experience with study overseas. It has established formal exchange agreements with universities and campuses in across the globe. Wollongong is also a member of the Australian-European Network (AEN) which links seven Australian institutions with 30 universities across Europe.

UOW Dubai

The University operates an off-shore campus in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where more than 4,000 students representing approximately 100 nationalities, study for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Development Profile

The University's corporate arm, Illawarra Technology Corporation (ITC) has a strong development profile, particularly in Asia. It is involved in operations in a number of countries, including China, Iran, Lebanon, Qatar, Syria, and United Arab Emirates.

Alumni Connections

The University has many international Alumni connections, supporting alumni groups in China, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada and Dubai. The UOW Alumni Network now has over 89,000 members all over the world. The network aims to be a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and its alumni, providing ongoing guidance and professional development.

Last reviewed: 2 September, 2013

Awards & Rankings

  • Rank in the Top 2% of universities in the world.
  • Globally ranked as one of Australia's best modern universities
  • 5 Star Rating
  • Top 100 in the world for global graduates

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UOW at a Glance

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