Car Pool Survey Results 1Q09

Carpoolers Vote "We love it!"

Carpooling at UOW has truly taken off.

In a survey conducted on Tuesday 21st April, 98 carpool groups (out of 301 cars that day), responded to a survey commissioned by the Environmental & Sustainability Initiatives Unit about their thoughts on Carpooling. Up for grabs was a $150 voucher for SixySeven Dining for the successful carpool group. 

Interested in the results? View them here!

Winners, Muoi Khou, Erin Buxton and Domonic Manassa - Students from the School of Medicine were the successful group pulled from the draw. The group noted that the initiative had been a great success since it kicked off in Autumn Session 2009. Student Erin Buxton commented that "we didn't mind filling in the survey because it only took a second". Muoi reiterated the comments saying that "it seems like the Uni is really listening".  Domonic who is from Sydney was appreciative of UOW's efforts to get it right. "Having carpooling now means we have been heard so why not give feedback about it?" The students were looking forward to getting at least 2 lunches each out of the voucher.

Results of the survey indicated:

  • 99% of respondents were students
  • 47% of carpoolers come from the Southern Sydney area and 21% from the central Wollongong area (2500 postcode)
  • 68% of cars pick up their closest passengers from greater than 10km away.
  • 30% of carpoolers arrive before 8:30am. 68% arrive before 10:30am
  • Of those who responded to the survey they averaged 3.45 persons per car, the overall average was 3.23 persons per car.

Project Manager Tom Hunt noted that he was very pleased with the obvious increase in people accessing the Carpooling Initiative. "Having made the parking free, advertising, and doing what we can to try and guarantee a space, this year the response has been significantly better."

Prior to the 'Jump-In Carpooling Launch' in 2009, the multi-storey car-park promoted Ride Share to the tune of only 12 spaces per day. Now the Carpooling initiative present in the Western car-park and multi-storey car-park facilitates approximately 300 cars per day. 

Last reviewed: 12 May, 2009