UOW Web Rebrand


UOW Web Rebrand

The University of Wollongong website is being refreshed and recoded as part of the broader rebranding project. This update is being managed by the Enterprise Content Management Unit, in conjunction with IT Business Services and the Strategic Marketing & Communications Unit.

The scope of changes include a new design for the UOW Homepage, and a visual update to all lower level pages, delivering a better experience for site users via improved navigation and design. These improvements also take into consideration changes to regulations for web compliance and accessibility, as well as giving us one of the first university websites in Australia to be fully device agnostic. This means that if you are using a desktop monitor, tablet or mobile phone, the UOW website will accommodate the size of this.

The new design is scheduled to be launched in March 2013, and will be rolled out to all sites currently managed by the UOW Web Content Management System. This implementation is a major step forward in the exciting journey towards positioning the University as a contemporary, world class institution.

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